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TV and radio

U.K. sees return of the campaign poster
Christopher Werth, Marketplace (syndicated US radio), 29/4/10

Report on progressive Conservatism
Agenda, SVT (Sweden), 18/4/10 (36:50)

Have I Got News For You
BBC1, 1/4/10

Russell Howard's Good News
BBC3, 26/3/10 (02:30)

Trevor McDonald Meets David Cameron
ITV1, 14/3/10 (37:20)

Net experts on political power
Daily Politics, BBC2, 11/3/10

Andrew Marr reviews newspapers with Jane Moore and Greg Dyke
The Andrew Marr Show, BBC1, 28/2/10 (02:30)

One Show on political posters
The One Show, BBC1, 18/2/10

MyDavidCameron and Tory Bear discuss political spoofs and online campaigns
Sky News, 15/2/10

MyDavidCameron on BBC 5 Live Breakfast report and interview
BBC Radio 5 Live, 3/2/10

Hot Chip's pick of the week
The Review Show, BBC2, 29/1/10

The art of political graffiti
This Week, BBC1, 28/1/10

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Mainstream media

Spoofed! gets the treatment
Simon Jeffery, Guardian, 12/5/10

General Election 2010: The best election ad campaigns
Stephen Armstrong, Guardian, 10/5/10

The influence of television on the general election
Peter Bazalgette, Guardian, 10/5/10

So was it an internet election?
Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC News, 7/5/10

U.K. Candidates' Digital Efforts Fall Short
Paul Sonne, Wall Street Journal, 4/5/10

Seb Bacon: We’ll ask the questions
Gillian Bowditch, Sunday Times, 2/5/10

Satire & mash-ups - unpredictable election posters
Emma Thelwell, Channel 4 News, 15/4/10

Poster girl in unionist PR war
Sharon Ferguson, BBC News, 14/4/10

Web 2.0: the new election superweapon
Gaby Hinsliff, Observer, 11/4/10

The mouse and the house
David Torrance, Herald Scotland, 11/4/10

Traditional media still rule in age of Twitter
Maija Palmer and Tim Bradshaw, Financial Times, 9/4/10

Vote 2010: slaps, spoofs and skulduggery
Emma Thelwell, Channel 4 News, 9/4/10

General Election 2010: never underestimate the power of the internet
Matt Warman, Telegraph, 7/4/10

Britain adopts U.S.-style election policies, practices
Peter Goodspeed, National Post (Canada), 7/4/10

Political posters beyond parody
Rowenna Davis, Guardian, 6/4/10

Class act: why Britain's Tories could still lose
Mark Colvin, The Drum, ABC (Australia), 1/4/10

Labservatives - the latest merged party from the Lib Dems
Simon Jeffery, Guardian, 30/3/10

General election campaign 2010: in posters
Guardian, 30/3/10

With the Tory lead slipping, the nasty party is back in town – panicking
Martin Salter, Telegraph, 30/3/10

Hit & Run: Here's one I made earlier
Simon Usborne, Independent, 30/3/10

The Saatchi brothers have created a Tory campaign poster that's spoof-proof. Well, almost
Will Heaven, Telegraph, 29/3/10

Labour taps supporters' skills in general election poster competition
Patrick Wintour, Guardian, 29/3/10

Amateur hour: Crowdsourcing the campaign
Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC News, 29/3/10

The Tories' campaign is stuck in a time warp
Clifford Singer, Evening Standard, 26/3/10

The Tory message isn't working... so Saatchi has been called back in
Andy McSmith, Independent, 26/3/10

Dos publicistas mejor que uno
Daniel del Pino, Público, 26/3/10

Conservatives to lose the election…. to Photoshop?
The Observers, France 24, 22/3/10

Why all these emails from Barack Obama make me feel cheap
Andrew Rawnsley, Observer, 21/3/10

Television will decide the next election
Matt Warman, Telegraph, 18/3/10

Campagnevoeren anno 2010
Arjen van der Horst, NOS Weblog Londen (Netherlands), 18/3/10

Welcome to the first e-election
John Harris, Guardian, 17/3/10

Tories' Latest Poster
Miranda Richardson, Sky News, 16/3/10

The power of the celebrity Tweeter
Paul Waugh, Evening Standard, 12/3/10

Het verhaal van de ongelofelijk krimpende voorsprong
Sanne Rooseboom, DePers (Netherlands), 10/3/10

A little bit of politics
Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC News, 9/3/10

КАМЕРОН-ОБСКУРА (Cameron Obscura)
Natalia Portyakova, Newsweek Russia, 7/3/10

Party leaders' debates will be the 'new' media of election 2010
Kevin Anderson, Guardian, 3/3/10

With Election Looming, Tories Appear to Take a Detour in Britain
Sarah Lyall, New York Times, 3/3/10

"Głosuj na nas. Albo zabiję kotka!"
Daniel Nogal, Pardon (Poland), 3/3/10

Seven Tory hiccups on the road to the general election
Guardian, 1/3/10

Cyber spoofs launch digital election war
Maurice Chittenden, Sunday Times, 28/2/10

Tories' election posters ridiculed by mickeytaking website
Victoria Murphy, Mirror, 22/2/10

Has the political poster virtually had its day?
Alastair Campbell, Times, 22/2/10

Yes we can: Labour election campaign to adapt Barack Obama's blueprint
Patrick Wintour, Guardian, 19/2/10

Spoof website calls it a day – is this a Tory victory?
Will Heaven, Telegraph, 19/2/10

Obama, Mr T, Fred Goodwin and the Labour Party
Hattie Garlick, Times, 18/2/10

The man behind the Cameron spoofs
Hattie Garlick, Times, 17/2/10

"I've never voted Labour before" but...
Paul Waugh, Evening Standard, 17/2/10

Another Tory poster, another golden opportunity for spoofs
Michael Savage, Independent, 16/2/10

Web satires trigger Tory ads rethink
Andy McSmith and Nigel Morris, Independent, 15/2/10

Cameron press conference at Battersea Power Station – as it happened
Andrew Sparrow, Guardian, 15/2/10

Emily Maitlis' Virtually There: Ad nauseam
Emily Maitlis, BBC Newsnight, 12/2/10

New media, new politics?
Paul Evans, Telegraph, 11/2/10

Twitter etc and the election: Is it worth the risk?
Brian Wheeler, BBC News, 10/2/10

Prime minister's questions
Andrew Sparrow, Guardian, 10/2/10

Tories' Latest Campaign Poster
Miranda Richardson, Sky News, 9/2/10

'Airbrushed for change' spoofs of David Cameron's election poster swamp the web
Daily Mail, 9/2/10

This poster was asking for trouble
Thomas Sutcliffe, Independent, 9/2/10

Airbrushed and changed: web users parody David Cameron campaign poster
Larry Ryan, Independent, 1/2/10

David Cameron: the graffiti's on the wall
Zoe Williams, Guardian, 30/1/10

Air-brushed Cameron gets an Elvis makeover on campaign poster
Daily Mail, 22/1/10

'Vote Mr Sheen. For a shiny forehead'
Christopher Hope, Telegraph, 20/1/10

Parties primed for a digital election
Claire Beale, Independent, 18/1/10

David Cameron's airbrushed poster campaign sets off internet spoof craze
Daily Mirror, 16/1/10

Airbrush politici
Sanne Rooseboom, DePers (Netherlands), 15/1/10

Politics diary
Michael White, Guardian, 15/1/10

David Cameron’s doctored poster is spin-doctored by Labour
Paul Waugh, Evening Standard, 15/1/10

Who's the nasty party now? Labour's spoof poster campaign ridicules David Cameron
Will Heaven, Telegraph, 15/1/10

Now these Cameron posters have DEFINITELY been airbrushed...
Daily Mail, 14/1/10

Website pokes fun at Cameron's 'airbrushed' poster
Paul Owen, Guardian, 14/1/10

Airbushed Antics
Sky News,14/1/10

Make your own Cameron poster
The Times, 13/1/10

Cameron the Red-Faced Tory
Paul Waugh, Evening Standard, 13/1/10

Specialist media and blogs: Political

A crowdsourced “shadow communications agency” for the new age
David Prescott, Labour Uncut, 25/9/10

Out of one party, many cultures
Neal Lawson, New Statesman, 10/6/10

Orange digital campaign report
Anthony Painter, 9/6/10

The Internet election?
Stephen Tall, Liberal Democrat Voice, 22/5/10

The half-appearance of the internet election
Jon Bounds, Labour Uncut, 19/5/10

The UK Netroots and the hung Parliament
Matthew Sheret, Global Comment, 10/5/10

2010 and the unseen internet election
Jon Bernstein, New Statesman, 5/5/10

From Facebook to the Streets: The Humble Spray Can Still Holds its Charm
Ric Lander, Bright Green, 5/5/10

Broken links? Tory technology policy examined
Simon Redfern, Progress, 16/4/10

Are David Cameron’s Conservatives progressive? RateMyTory sets to find out
Rob MacPherson, LabourList, 31/3/10

Cross the Tories with the Saatchis ... and the poster spoofs begin
Samira Shackle, News Statesman, 29/3/10

A chance to design Labour's next poster
Alistair Campbell, 29/3/10

Saatchi? What a waste of money!
Paul Richards, LabourList, 28/3/10

New Tory poster as Saatchi lays on the sarcasm
Jon Bernstein, News Statesman, 28/3/10

It was MyDavidCameron that lead to a Hung Parliament?
Chrisjw133's Blog, 28/3/10

The Yorkshire Ranter, 28/3/10

The Tory message isn't Saatchi has been called back in
The Osterley Times, 26/3/10

It was MyDavidCameron that lead to a Hung Parliament?
Chrisjw133's Blog, 28/3/10

Tories dump advertising agency in Coulson plot dating from January's airbrushed posters
Political Scrapbook, 25/3/10

Are the Saatchis "Change" we can believe in?
Sunder Katwala, Next Left, 25/3/10

The Tories show how not to get ahead in advertising
Stephen Tall, Liberal Democrat Voice, 25/3/10

Will it be the TV wot wins it?
Claire French, Plurality, 25/3/10

The internet, TV and the coming election
Jon Bernstein, New Statesman, 12/3/10

2010 will be the “television election” say social media experts
Felix Grenfell Bozek, Left Foot Forward, 11/3/10

Exclusive: Tories to launch another poster campaign
James Macintyre, New Statesman, 9/3/10

Millions stand behind me
Will Straw, Left Foot Forward, 2/3/10

Conservative solution to the media crisis – do nothing
Jeremy Dear, Tribune, 26/2/10

To The Commons
John Grant, Co-opportunity, 26/2/10

More Shed Seven than Morning Glory
Simon Fletcher, 21/2/10

Will social media make or break the general election?
Jason Brown, Tory Politico, 21/2/10

My Tombstone Poster
Darren Bridgman, Bracknell Blog, 21/2/10

Tories aren’t funny
Robin Brown, 21/2/10 takes a break
Beau Bo D'Or, 20/2/10

Conservative campaign backfires (again) as Mock the Week slates "I've never voted Tory before" posters
Political Scrapbook, 19/2/10

Posters worth a thousand words
Paul Cotterill, Liberal Conspiracy, 18/2/10

The problems with ‘mylabourposter’
Rob Carr – A Novocastrian Abroad, 18/2/10

Tory migrant poster crosses the line
Jonathan Bartley, Ekklesia, 17/2/10

I've never voted Tory
John Prescott, Go Fourth, 16/2/10

Posters, posters everywhere...
Liam Murray, 17/2/10

Brushed off: Cameron axed from Tory posters – but who’ll replace him… Osborne?!
Shamik Das, Left Foot Forward, 12/2/10

New Conservative poster, new chance to mock
Labour Matters, 11/2/10

The problem with attack posters…
Tory Rascal, 10/2/10

The Tories posters just get worse and worse
Hopi Sen, 10/2/10

New Tory ad campaign already spoofed
Sunny Hundal, 10/2/10

New Tory ad backfires
Will Straw, Left Foot Forward, 10/2/10

The Tories' new poster: myth and reality
George Eaton, 10/2/10

Tory poster campaigns were 'asking for it'...
Liam Murray, 10/2/10

F*** Off
Paul Sagar, Bad Conscience, 10/2/10

RIP slick Tory PR: another Tory poster backfires
Alex Smith, LabourList, 9/2/10

Yes, Dave IS losing it !
Northern Heckler, 9/2/10

Conservatives’ one-man band is way out of tune
Kevin Maguire, Tribune, 6/2/10

Political advertising gone nuts
J. Brooks Spector, Daily Maverick (South Africa), 5/2/10

Será este um parlapatão do calibre do nosso?
Luis Rainha, Cinco Dias (Portugal), 5/2/10

Gentle mockery
Paul Evans, Local Democracy, 5/2/10

The best of the blogs
New Statesman, 4/2/10

Lessons from MyDavidCameron and Socialist Unity
Alex Smith, LabourList, 3/2/10

The story behind MyDavidCameron: five lessons for everyone
Mark Pack, Liberal Democrat Voice, 3/2/10

How the left can use the internet
Andy Newman, Socialist Unity, 3/2/10 teaches us…
Hopi Sen, 3/2/10

Those hilarious Brits
Impolitical, 2/2/10

Ashcroft's poster saturation will not be enough to catapult his Melchester Rovers into victory
Paul Richards, LabourList, 28/1/10

Airbrushed Cameron to eclipse dog-whistling Howard?
Political Scrapbook, 27/1/10

Even Mail readers think Cam poster backfired
Sunny Hundal, Liberal Conspiracy, 24/1/10

Saturday Seven-Up
Guido Fawkes, 23/1/10

MyDavidCameron also asks: where's George Osborne?
Alex Smith, LabourList, 22/1/10

Look left - the week in fast forward
Shamik Das, Left Foot Forward, 22/1/10

Hyperbole, damned hyperbole and statistics
Dizzy Thinks, 22/1/10

The Tory threat is real - but progressives from across the political spectrum can stop it
Ken Livingston, LabourList, 22/1/10

Cameron airbrush spoof most popular politics site
Sunny Hundal, Liberal Conspiracy, 21/1/10

Labour to launch personalised iPhone app
Alex Smith, LabourList, 21/1/10

David Cameron poster: part four
Samira Shackle, New Statesman, 21/1/10

Was that poster a mistake?
A Stratford Conservative, 21/1/10

Was THAT poster a success?
Ian Dale, 21/1/10

Digital Economy Bill (Parliamentary debate)
Tom Watson MP, Hansard, 20/1/10

DIY David Election Poster
Election 10, 20/1/10

Are you experienced?
Kerry McCarthy MP, 20/1/10

Ellie Gellard, The Stilettoed Socialist, 20/1/10

Cameron: Cinema: Camera
Alternative Seat of TYR, 19/1/10

We is all in dis ting together, yeah?
Political Scrapbook, 17/1/10

Bad Conscience, 17/1/10

Serious policy critiques of David Bumface Cameron
Freemania, 17/1/10

Policies not posters
Kerry McCarthy MP, 17/1/10

Now Mary
Kerry McCarthy MP, 17/1/10

The Tory Diary
Tim Montgomerie, ConservativeHome, 15/1/10

Cameron – airbrushed for change
Andy Newman, Socialist Unity, 15/1/10

Another great one from the folks over at mydavidcameron
Politique Opinion, 15/1/10

David Cameron: what his poster should have said
Mark Pack, 14/1/10

myDavidCameron – empirical evidence
Freethinking Economist, 14/1/10

Labour faked airbrushing
Dr Rachel Joyce's BlogSpot – Evidence-based, Common Sense Politics, 14/1/10

Before I go back under my stone...
Liam Murray, 14/1/10
Paul Evans, Never Trust a Hippy, 14/1/10

Exclusive: Labour faked Cameron "airbrushing"
Guido Fawkes, 14/1/10

Labour go negative
Guido Fawkes, 14/1/10

Make Your Own Airbrushed David Cameron Poster
Think Politics, 14/1/10

Make you own airbrushed Tory poster online
Labour Matters, 13/1/10

David Cameron's airbrushed poster
Samira Shackle, New Statesman, 13/1/10

Airbrushed for Change
Hopi Sen, 13/1/10

Check this out…
Politique Opinion, 13/1/10

EXCLUSIVE: Cameron 'Attack' site launched
London Spin Online, 13/1/10

David Cameron's Tories
Local Government Matters (Unison), 9/1/10

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Specialist media and blogs: Business/technology

Top 10 British Political Adverts of 2010
Political Advertising, 22/12/10

The Europe roundup: Best of European TechPolitics at PDF 2010
Antonella Napolitano, Personal Democracy Forum, 11/6/10

Orange's digital election analysis
Orange, 10/6/10

Did social media revolutionise the UK's general election campaign?
Metrica, 21/5/10

What makes political campaigns go viral?
Kyle Grayson, Chasing Dragons, 19/5/10

Notes on Britain's Spring Revolution
Charlie Beckett, Polis, 19/5/10

Election poster wars
Intonation, 12/5/10

Is Big Media the real Election loser?
Peter Kirwan, Wired, 11/5/10

Labour's View: The Word-of-Mouth Election
Mark Hanson, Search Engine Watch, 11/5/10

Election special: ten media moments of the 2010 campaign
Gordon MacMillan and Rich Sutcliffe, Media Week, 6/5/10

The General Election 2010. Ha ha ha.
Peter Moore, My Digital Notebook, 6/5/10

It's the big telly wot won it
Welcome to Optimism, Wieden + Kennedy, 4/5/10

Is this a TV or an internet election? Vote now
Chris Barraclough, Marketing, 26/4/10 Un generador de parodias publicitarias
Marcus Hurst, Yorokobu (Spain), 21/4/10

Apparently the revolution was televised...
The Fresh, 21/4/10

Humor - the Double-edged Campaigning Sword
Mark Pack, Search Engine Watch, 14/4/10 (also at Mark Pack's blog)

YouTube used in UK vote as parties follow Obama
Jonathan Browning and Matthew Campbell, Business Mirror (Phillipines), 11/4/10

The Obama effect: Social media and the Election
Alexandra Kelso, University of Southampton, 9/4/10

UK: The election campaign begins
Newswatch, 7/4/10

The race to be the first 'digital prime minister'
Justin Butcher, Return on Digital, 6/4/10

U.K. Labour Party Turns to Crowdsourcing for Ads
Emma Hall, Advertising Age, 31/3/10

Labour invites public to create new ad campaign
The Drum, 30/3/10

Social media shapes first digital election
Stephen Armstrong, Media Week, 29/3/10

Labour asks voters to create next election ad
Kate Nettleton, Campaign, 29/3/10

The Europe roundup: An emerging e-participation scenario
Antonella Napolitano, Personal Democracy Forum, 26/3/10

Out and About - election special
Harriet Dennys, Media Week, 26/3/10

Did Campaign Airbrush Tory Euro RSCG Story?
Mark Hanson, Independent Minds, 26/3/10

Engaging the progressive grass-roots in the UK
Alex White, 26/3/10

‘Anti-social’ media the main weapon in UK politics?
Paul Simpson, Dutch's PR Ditch, 26/3/10

YouTube Used in U.K. Vote as Parties Follow Obama
Jonathan Browning and Matthew Campbell, Business Week, 25/3/10

The UK’s first digital election campaign?
Simon Benson, Public Affairs 2.0, 19/3/10

Reputation Survey: The Conservative Party: Tories Seek Trust Uplift
PR Week, 17/3/10

It's old and new media, not old versus new media
Jon Bernstein, The Media Blog, 16/3/10

Mydavidcameron more popular than leading charities
Simon Francis, Ramblings of a PR, 12/3/10

Lewis PR Social Media Summit: how will social media affect the election?
Eoghan O'Neill, 11/3/10

Downing Tweet
Mark Leftly, CorpComms, 11/3/10

Why social media won’t but could win the election
Danny Whatmough, 10/3/10

Will social media decide the General Election?
Russell Davies, Campaign, 5/3/10

Influencing public perception: how?
Duane Raymond, FairSay, 3/3/10

Mydavidcameron vs the real thing... who wins?
Simon Francis, Ramblings of a PR, 3/3/10

Is the political billboard dead?
Political Advertising, 26/2/10

Forget the 80/20 principle, with Twitter it is 79/7
Dirk Singer, Lies, damned lies and statistics, 25/2/10

Is social media killing the election poster?
Mark Jones, Reuters, 23/2/10

People Photoshop power in the politics of poster propaganda by popular publicity prank!
Brand Electioneering, 23/2/10

Social media round-up
Tia Fisher, Brand Republic, 23/2/10

Alastair Campbell talks election advertising and social media
The Drum, 22/2/10

Tory blogger Iain Dale features Gordon Brown as Hitler
Gordon Macmillan, Brand Republic, 22/2/10

David Cameron campaign mocked
Levi Freeman, 21/2/10

Online Spoofs Give The Public A Key Role In Election
PR Week, 19/2/10 says the spoofing is over (for now)
Gordon Macmillan, Brand Republic, 19/2/10

New Tory poster campaign a stroke of viral genius?
Brad Jordan, Chameleon PR, 19/2/10

Dragging viral bait
Paul Evans, Memeserver, 11/2/10

Militant Mumsnet sets the advertising agenda
Harriet Dennys, Media Week, 9/2/10

Political Mashup
Tom Callard, Saatchi & Saatchi, 9/2/10

Digital campaigning
Russell Davies, 9/2/10

UK Election Ad of Conservative Leader Is Glossier Than He Is
Emma Hall, Advertising Age, 3/2/10

Rubber on the radio
Darren Davidson, Rubber Republic, 3/2/10

Five of the best
Glenn White, Qube, 3/2/10

Why ‘digital election’ marketing poses a new challenge for UK politicians
Jimmy Maymann, UTalkMarketing, 28/1/10

Might we be saying “It’s Social Media wot won it”?
Eoghan O'Neill, Social Media Library, 25/1/10

Labour flips Obama message of change for social media campaign
Gordon MacMillan, Marketing Magazine, 25/1/10 : Political Nanostory or Burgeoning Internet Meme?
Advertising Aphasia, 24/1/10

Britain's David Cameron Goes Viral With Campaign Poster Photoshops (Meme Alert!)
Drew Grant, Urlesque, 22/1/10

Spoof site becomes the biggest politics site in the world?
Martin Bryant, The Next Web, 22/1/10

Cameron's disastrous PR campaign
Money Week, 22/1/10

Social Media Round-up
Tia Fisher, Brand Republic, 22/1/10

Hitting the right note
Steven Lawther, The Drum, 22/1/10 (requires free registration)

Love it or hate it, MyDavidCameron is a media hit
Will Sturgeon, The Media Blog, 21/1/10

Labour picks supporter ideas for election push
Andrew McCormick, Marketing Magazine, 19/1/10
(Also at: Brand Republic)

Tories search for new ad chief after Cameron airbrushing furore
David Singleton, Public Affairs Central, 19/1/10

MyDavidCameron: an analysis
Simon Collister, We Are Social, 18/1/10
(Also at:

Go outdoors for your advertising to make a splash
Gideon Spanier, Evening Standard Business, 18/1/10

Meet the ridiculous David Cameron
Neville Hobson, 17/1/10

David Cameron: A breath of fresh airbrush?
Sturgeon's Law, 16/1/10

Crowdsourced campaigning
dpwilliams, 15/1/10

Political social media campaigning goes negative
Stephen Waddington, Wadds' PR Blog, 15/1/10

Airbrushed for change
Caroline Crampton, The Editorial, 15/1/10

Guido Fawkes gets knickers in a twist over airbrush spoof
Gordon Macmillan, Brand Republic, 14/1/10

Labour Party adopts blogger's airbrushed Cameron campaign
Gordon Macmillan, Brand Republic, 14/1/10 – the social election starts
Danny Whatmough, 14/1/10

Do David Cameron's new posters work?
Mary Portas, Telegraph, 14/1/10

Smoothie Cameron dogged by airbrushing rumours
Ad Creep, 13/1/10

Communications Chiefs Predict First 'Internet Election' In The UK
PR Week, 13/1/10

My take on
Miljenko Williams, 21st Century Fix, 13/1/10

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Culture and lifestyle

The good web guide: MyDavidCameron
The Good Web Guide, 23/4/10

My David Cameron
Heydon Prowse, Don't Panic, 1/3/10

Website of the day: My David Cameron
Ian Hughes, Pocket-lint, 2/2/10

Cameron is helping me wed Alex – But I wonder if he’ll give me tax breaks?
Hermione Way,, 22/1/10

It's now so easy to make your own Cameron poster
Digital Examples, 21/1/10

Things I like: David Cameron posters
India Knight's Posterous, 20/1/10

Good old fashioned satire, like what Have I Got News For You used to make
Broken TV, 14/1/10

Stuff we like
B3TA Newsletter, 14/1/10